Friday, February 7, 2020

People who inspire me # 2

This is the second edition of people who inspire me. To read the first one, you can go here. This one is the QuiltCon edition!!! I met all 5 of them at QuiltCon. They are brilliant and inspire me in their own ways.
So who are these wonderful 5 more people?
Today I am featuring those whom I have met and they have made a difference in my life!
First up is my Quilting BFF, my sister from another mother - Emily Lang. I met Emily in some Flickr group I think and then we followed each other's blogs. In 2011, she was my partner for the DQSX swap on Flickr. By that time, we were good friends. We chatted almost everyday over messenger. So keeping it a secret from her that she was my partner, was not easy. When she went for QuiltCon 2013, I was green with jealousy! We both decided that we will go to QuiltCon 2015 together and will be roomies! And we did it! It was surreal meeting her for the first time! We took off like we had lived next to each other all years long. And when it was time to say goodbye, we stood in the corridor of the Austin Convention Center, hugging each other - crying! 
This girl has been a phenomenal motivator for me! We have lots of dreams together! And I am sure some day we will make them all come true! We were always meant to be friends! We know so much about each other, even our husbands dont! We're even friends with each other's moms on FB!
Next is a Quilting Diva that I have adored the moment I read the words "Free Motion Quilting". She not only is an amazing quilter, but a terrific entertainer! Her keynote speech at QuiltCon 2017 left everyone with an energy like never before!
Angela Walters - is the icon when it comes to Long Arm Quilting. Her stunning quilts have people drooling (not over the quilt) over the designs! I have never seen a more grounded person. She has not forgotten her roots and she was not ashamed to show her First quilt - a rather sorry pink quilt - in her keynote speech rather than her best work. She is encouraging, motivating and inspiring - the whole bundle! I am blessed to be in touch with her!
Next up is a person who took me completely by surprise. She was someone I had hear of, but not really looked at deeply. I signed up for her workshop at QuiltCon 2015 and was not very enthusiastic about it. I had not gotten into two other workshops that I wanted and was sulking about it. So when I took the class from Sherri Lynn Woods I was totally blown away! 
She helped me ground my mind and her book has been like a manual for me! She unleashed something in my mind in those 3 short hours that I spent with her in her workshop and there has been no looking back ever since!
Next up is the tallest lady I have ever met! She is also one of the best speakers I have known! And the best part of getting to know her was buying her book and learning how to make Double Wedding Ring Quilts!
Victoria Findlay Wolfe is one of the most popular modern quilter worldwide! Her books have been super hits. She has traveled the world teaching and her classes and lectures are always sought after. Another lady who has stayed true to her roots and often talks about them in her books and her lectures. I met her on both my trips and our interaction always gives me a fan-girl moment!
And finally, another fellow abstract portrait maker who actually inspired me to make my Abstract Expressions series. I have been in awe of her work ever since I saw her quilt at Quiltcon 2015. Hers was the workshop I was dying to get into at QuiltCon 2017 and I got into it! 
Playing in her workshop was as much exciting as I had hoped it would be! She taught us to create expressions from bits and pieces of fabric! We connected so well that it was like a total party!
I love how straightforward and authentic Melissa Averinos is. Her posts, her words and her work comes from her heart and I do not think there is a person around whom it has not touched. She won the Best of Show at QuiltCon 2016 for her quilt "My brother's Jeans". It was a really beautiful homage to her brother - who had committed suicide and the jeans were actually pulled out of a dumpster! She is strong, honest and really unapologetic about  being herself! I am totally inspired by this wonderful girl all the time.

I am so thankful for having all these people in my life who are my inspirations! They make me a better quilter today, and a better person. They have made me the way I am and I love them for it!
Who is your inspiration?

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