Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Rock that Exhibition - FREE eBook download

Have you ever participated in an Exhibition or Craft Fair or Craft Show whatever you might call it and been overwhelmed by all the work you need to do to get your stall up and running? Or is this the first time you intend to participate in one?
I have written an eBook which will give you a clear step-by-step plan not just to prepare for the exhibition but also to make a profit that you desire.

Here is a quick sign-up link for you to download the ebook.

If you want a quick sneak peek at what you will find in the eBook, here's a small excerpt from it.
The second chapter in the book deals with how to prepare for preparing all the stuff that you will need to make for the exhibition. The following is a part of that chapter that helps you decide which products to choose to make.
What products to make
            If you are anything like me, there is a list of 1000 ideas for products that you can make ready in your head at all times. It becomes VERY difficult in choosing what to make for an upcoming exhibition. Word of caution, It makes sense to make only 8-9 different categories and then making a lot of variety in each category, especially if you are short on time.
            If you have a lot of time, go ahead and make anything that you want. Choose the best 15-20 products that you make and make 50 of each (or even more)!
            If you are short on time, here are a few guidelines to help you decide what
to make:
  • How much profit margin does each product have? Choose the ones that will make you the most money – you will reach your target faster. If I make exclusive tote bags I can earn a 100% profit per bag i.e. ₹1250 as against the ₹70 profit that each pouch will earn me. I will have to sell 18 pouches or 1 tote bag to earn the same amount of profit. So if I was short on time, I would make 20 tote bags instead of making 360 pouches.
  • Select the products that you have made numerous times. Now is not the time to experiment. It will be a time waster. Work on products that you’re confident about. I am much more confident with tote bags with magnetic snaps. I will not usually start making zippered tote bags for the upcoming exhibition. But I will definitely learn how to make one as soon as this exhibition ends so that I can make them for my next one.
  • Can you get help? Hire somebody or ask your friends to make some things for you. More often than not, help is just a phone call away. I am very lucky in this aspect. I have a bunch of friends who come over to help me with fabric selection, packing and pricing. I also invite my students (who already know how to make the item) to help me with preparation of my exhibition.
  • If you have a product that is simply unique to you – MAKE IT! Even though you have a strong suspicion that it might not sell, make it and display it prominently just so it attracts the crowd. Sometimes, your intuition works best. So even if you have a product that takes longer to make and earns comparatively lesser margin go ahead and make it!
Follow your gut!
Don't forget to sign up to get your link to download the FREE eBook. Click here to sign up.
Whats more? I have even made a Facebook group for all the people who are using the book to help them increase their sales at the Exhibitions. The link to the Facebook Group will be in the email that you get when you sign up. 
I'm hoping you will join all of us in the Facebook Group to cheer each other as we slay our goals!!!


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